Breaking Infinite Flight’s 4th Wall: New Airbus A380 | OMDB/KSFO | IF-IRL

This IF Flight Report with the new A380 will start like most but end like no other.

IF Flight:
Server: Expert
Aircraft: New Reworked Airbus A380
Time: 15h 04m

We start with a nice typical morning takeoff at OMDB. 10% pitch & 1000-1300 fpm.

The climb out of Dubai/UAE is just as gradual.

On this polar flight the sun never really sets. You know you’re halfway through the 15-hour flight once you see ice.

The Bodega 3 arrival for Runway 28R/L at KSFO is both scenic and iconic.

After a 15-hour flight, the sole daily Emirates A380 flight parks at Gate A7 at KSFO.

Let’s take it up a notch, and board this beauty in real life. Today’s plane reg: A6-EVL delivered new to Emirates in December 2020.

A view of the onboard camera as the plane taxis to Runway 28R at KSFO.

Besides sleeping, the best way to past time on this 15-hour return flight to Dubai is at the awesome onboard bar.

An obligatory shot outside of the window. Gotta love the A380’s wingtip fence.

At last we’ve completed the trip from San Francisco and back to Dubai. Hey, that terminal building looks a lot more familiar huh?

Hey thanks for checking out this topic! I’m in love with the new A380 rework as well as the OMDB AND KSFO rework! Thanks so much to everybody involved!

Fun facts:

The flights were 30 min apart from each other, so as soon as I ended the IF flight I went to straight to the airport. I also timed it as close to the outbound flight IRL.

A6-EVL was the first A380 & Emirates flight I flew on. It’s a very special plane and I was so excited to ride it once again.

(I was unsure which section to use between screenshots/videos & spotting since it’s mixed in-game media & real life pics).


This is awesome 😍

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