Breaking: Canada Presents Intelligence that Iran Shot Down PS752

I know this is not really good to be posting, but this is very significant news in the investigation so I feel it would be good to post. I will try not to get too graphic.

Breaking News from the investigation of Ukraine International Flight 752, Canada has just come forward with new intelligence reports stating that Ukraine International Air flight 752 was most likely shot down while on departure from Tehran yesterday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that Canadian officials have intelligence from Canada's allies and additional sources that the plane was shot down by one or more Surface to Air Missiles fired from unknown military forces.

“This may have been unintentional,” Trudeau said at a press conference in Ottowa. Trudeau has called for a thorough investigation into the incident as well as closer monitoring into Iran. No additional details have been found.

Edit 1: It is believed that two SA-15 missiles were launched, possibly unintentionally at the aircraft. The US has stated that its intelligence has proven to an unintentional radar lock on from the Iranian military SAM system.



This is just sad to read
Prayers to all


This is so sad 😞


I closed this topic for the same reason we closed the other two topics on this subject. Due to the sensitivity of this topic, out of respect to the families and friends of the victims and due to the controversy that could/will arise given current world events, we currently don’t allow topics about the tragic crash of the UIA 737-800 in Teheran.

Let me elaborate this a little bit: What happened in Teheran is a tragedy. So many lives were lost in this crash, so many people are mourning for their loved once. It’s horrible. Now, it is very likely that we’ll get new of news about this accident every day now. But there isn’t anything we can contribute to that news. We could discuss every single report, share our opinions whether we think it’s credible or not, yes. But this will result in speculation and debates that aren’t appropriate at this time where so many things are uncertain.

Use your preferred news media to keep yourself informed about the crash of this airplane if you’d like to do so. But for now, please refrain from posting topics about this tragic crash on the IFC for the reasons mentioned above.

Thank you for your understanding.