Breaking: Boeing to suspend 737 MAX Production in January

We have finally arrived at the worst-case scenario for 737 MAX production. The supply chain/working capital supply has officially reached its limit and Boeing is suspending 737 MAX production effective January 2020.


I felt the news is big enough to warrant its own thread. There are significant supply chain implications for Boeing here that may not be directly related to the groundings.


Here’s another source. Still breaking news as we speak, more to develop as time progresses.

Yeah that’s true, considering the size of the matter.

Sadly this was inevitable, as much as I want the RTS date to be as conservative as possible, this is unfortunate news for the program.

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Focus turns to rolling out the 777X and completing Dreamliner orders personally I think it’s a good decision because they are not able to find a solution for the problem they are trying to turn it around financially.

Oh no. First it was Airbus with their A300 aircraft and now its Boeing with their 737 MAX.

This year was totally disastrous for Boeing.


Makes sense really. They have far too many aircraft already manufactured so halting production is the only logical solution given time is not of the essence, they have no customers demanding aircraft etc


Should probably bit temporarily in the title. I know suspend doesn’t mean permanent but someone just scrolling through may see it and think the entire 737 MAX program is over.

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This is really huge news, much bigger than you think on a first look considering lol the suppliers and the importance of the aviation industry and the B737 production to multiple regions in the US.

Employees will apparently be kept during the production stop:

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Wow this is crazy. What a rough year for Boeing.

I think this is the right step foward, if Boeing delivers like 10+ aircraft in 1 day to an airline it can really mess up their schedule. I want to fly a Boeing 737 MAX in 2020 again but im not sure if they’ll be flying.

Sad! Boeing kept producing 40 aircrafts a month. Obviously it can’t keep this up when they don’t sell any.

What a giant beating for this amazing company.

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More like don’t deliver them. They still have a lot on order, and a few people have still ordered them…

Dang sorry see this Boeing. Hoping they can recover from this.

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This is just sad to see.

Corporate greed never ends well. You reap what you sow.

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I feel really bad for Boeing this year and I hope the product stop isn’t too long

Talked to a friend about this he made a valid point he said Boeing is building all these jets and they can’t deliver them. They’re parking all the MAXs in parking lots it’s better to stop producing them vs building them and trying store them

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Thinking into the future, how will these 400 surplus aircraft affect the aviation market?

Would they all be delivered within a short time span? Would airlines immediately enter their new MAXs into service?

Would this create a massive surplus of about 70,000 extra seats into the market? (Random average of 170 seats per MAX)

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