[BREAKING] Another wing clip incident at LTBA

Apparently, a Royal Air Maroc 787 has struck the APU of a Turkish 777W at LTBA. There was a similar accident a while back with a Turkish A321 and Asiana A330. What do you think of a similar occurence like this happening? Who is to blame?

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I’m no expert on LTBA but could it be that the taxiways are narrow and the pushbacks procedures are not the right methods?

Also is says Marco instead or Maroc lol

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Wow. Now we have big vs. big when it comes to clipping wingtips. It always seemed like it was big vs. small, but whichever it is, someone should be looking into how all airports are built to make sure the industry doesn’t lose millions trying to fix or replace anything broken. I don’t really get the narrow taxiway thing, as my home airport has 7 runways, and not as busy as it can be (KORD), so my experience with narrow taxiways and space limitation is minimal, which is why I think it’s a little pathetic that planes are clipping tips

I swear Turkish Airlines always take little digs from other airlines!

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