BREAKING : ALL Etihad 777-300ER's being retired by the End of the year

BREAKING : ALL Etihad 777’s being retired by the End of the year

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Etihad Airways, A UAE Carrier, has decided to retire their Boeing 777’s by the end of the year. CEO Tony Douglas Indicated that the airline’s 777-300ER will not be flying with Etihad.

Etihad is in the midst of a radical fleet shakeup. Having said goodbye to the last of its A330s earlier last year, and with its Airbus A380’s parked for an indefinite amount of time, the fleet is much smaller compared to how it looked a few years ago.

Speaking at the World Aviation Festival, he said

"We took the decision to exit the A330, and to exit, at the end of this year, the 777-300ER.”

The Type will be replaced by their 40 787’s and their soon to come A350-1000’s.

Altogether, Etihad flew 25 different 777-300ER over the years. Six had already left the fleet in 2016, returning to Jet Airways from where they were leased. Still remaining in the fleet today are 19 777-300ER’s, delivered to the airline between 2006 and 2014.

The general Fleet average of 10.4 years, but many are only 6 and 7 years old.


Etihad’ you…made…a…huge…mistake…




Looking at Abu Dhabi’s location and the current global economy, former 777 routes in Australia and North America are being served comfortably with 789s, while European and Asian destinations such as Manchester, Paris, Seoul etc are being done by 787-10s. It seems like a harsh decision but there’s plenty of justification. Moreover, their 777 pilots can fly the 787s and the 777Fs remaining and hopefully the 777X in the future. Can’t they convert some 77Ws to freighters?


Thank you for using and crediting my photo but WHAT. NO NO NO


Noooooooooooo 😭

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As much as I love the Etihad 77Ws, I have to say, it’s a good move by EY.

The excessive fuel used on the A388s & 77Ws would be now be saved. Good for the environment and cost-cutting as well. Bringing in the 787s & hopefully the A35Ks from storage into use will have all planes being utilized on routes that are profitable and bring in better load factors.

This would help EY get out of debt issues that they’ve had for so long & hopefully refocus their strategy into becoming a huge airline once again. The new midfield terminal will also suit their operations going further since it would be a new prospect of flying through AUH (a new place for EY operations, more modern & competitive to DXB & DOH), comparable or even larger size to the major terminals at DXB.


As sad as it is to see the 777 leave EY’s fleet, it is a good move. With them moving towards more fuel efficient aircraft, they would save fuel and reduce emissions. Once again, it is sad to see, however, I am glad they have started the move to more fuel efficient aircraft i.e. B787 Dreamliner, A350 and soon to be B777X


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I love the livery on the 777s

Not even waiting for the 779s to arrive…that’s gonna cost them

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WHAATTT 😳 first their A380 now their 777! Sad day 😭

What… Wait, they’re doing the 777 now?
Okay, but honestly, the A350-1000 is basically the Airbus version of the 77W. So that means the 787 and A350 can comfortably fly Etihad’s existing routes without any problem.


Only 6 years?! Not the babies!


Just… no. 😱

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While this is a very sad announcement, every airline opted for this kind of thing, to ‘‘more fuel-efficient’’ aircraft, in the last period. I do not endorse nor like this move, as I think it’s not much of a thought move and has only been taken as an immediate response to a crisis. This also has been done by airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, Qantas, and many more, that are thinking that retiring ‘older’ aircrafts and replacing them with much newer ones, will save them money and fuel, which is not true. If it’s new, it doesn’t mean it’s fuel-efficient or it’s reduced costs, airlines are just bringing this new aircrafts into their fleet, just because they have tags such as ‘‘new’’ , ‘‘fuel efficient’’ , ''used by other airlines. It already started being a trend, so I don’t think this is a much thought move, and it’s the same as what other airlines did.

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Etihad when the oil money runs out be like. Maybe they will actually have to compete now. This fleet downsizing is good and has been a long time coming.

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Man…gone to early😔

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You are so right… 😔


I thought the goal of airlines was to expand and increase revenue, not scale down. 😕

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A carrier specialise for executing the 6th freedom decided to remove their most important workhorse! 😅 can’t imagine that… at least LHR & SYD worth to have the 77W??? I guess

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