Break to vacate (BTV) system for the A380

The A380, Airbus‘ engineering marvel, which will soon be getting its well-deserved rework in Infinite Flight uses quite a groundbreaking software technology to slow down during landing roll: The so-called BTV (break to vacate). Additionally to the standard autobreak settings, pilots will be allowed to select a certain exit point on the runway, where they want their aircraft to be at a speed slow enough to exit the runway safely (i.e. 10kts Ground Speed). The aircraft will set up the breaks accordingly, taking into consideration a minimum wear of material but also passenger comfort. This feature has proven so successful that it is now also used on the A350.

As this feature is one of the core innovations implemented into the A380, it would be awesome, seeing this coming with the aircraft‘s rework on IF. A possibility, how to implement this, could be going to the map page, zooming into the destination airport until taxiways are visible, setting up a point on the runway where one wants to get his aircraft to a stop and set the autobreak to ‘BTV’ then.
Furthermore, it could be a feature exclusive to IF, as other simulators haven’t implemented it (as far as I know).

I can’t believe you returned! Good to see you around!


Hey its the guy who made the A380 rework thread! :D

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While this is certainly something that would be groundbreaking, I hate to wonder how this could possibly be implemented. I’ve yet to see any development like this on PC flight simulators, so any implementation of any kind would really be a pioneering achievement.

Nonetheless, BTV as a system is something that I’ve found to be one of Airbus’ most unique features with an incredibly well-thought-out design to minimise pilot workload. I’d definitely love to see this come to fruition, if at all possible.


@DarkspoulYT I even thought about the implementation of a BTV system back then, when I created the A380 rework thread in 2016 :D

@MxP Great to see you again, too, I’ve actually always been around somehow

@LordWizrak I’ve made a proposal, how it could be done. Of course it would have to be adapted for IF (as in reality, pilots select a taxiway, where they want to exit). It would definitely be something huge, but I’d trust into the developers finding a good solution how to implement this feature into the sim, if they take it into consideration.