Brazilian Spring Break gateway ( FLIGHT 1 )

Well either you love it or hate it, Spring Break has arrived and almost EVERYONE comes down to South Florida 🏝️😎🛥️🏌️ from places up north like the Carolina’s, Virginia, Maryland, Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut basically every northern East coast city and some people even from the central USA 🇺🇸 like Texas, Tennessee and even the Midwest. There are probably more places but I assume most people on the Rockies would go to Los Angeles 🌴📸 and go raid their beaches but as for myself, I LOVE Spring Break as it’s kind of like a “teaser” for the summer but I hate Spring Breakers here every night there is some new story about one in the area and last year I remember booking a tropical gateway down to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴🏝️ and it was fun trip so I decided I’ll do an annual Spring Break trip to escape these people and now where am I going this year? Well I’m taking a trip down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 yes the city from that one movie about the blue bird this is probably the nations most popular city in terms of tourists because of the beaches and culture there and of course Carnaval . Now I kind of feel bad for these people since they aren’t the ones raiding our beaches during Spring Break and I’m raiding theirs but unlike the spring breakers in Florida 🏝️🐊🍊I won’t be causing trouble in Rio but let’s head down to Miami Intl Airport to get this spring break gateway started!

Flight Info

Origin: Miami Intl 🇺🇸 ( KMIA )
Destination: Galeao Intl 🇧🇷 ( SBGL )
Flight Time: 7:52
Boeing 777-200ER ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

We arrived at 7pm with a pretty nice sunset beyond MIA because of daylight savings but I’m curious, do you prefer earlier sunsets or later ones? Me personally I prefer the later ones since you can use more daylight to do other stuff but enough talking about that, MIA was BUSTLING because of all the spring breakers some where just arriving and some heading back home so I knew TSA was gonna take some time but thankfully I had planned ahead to time to give myself plenty of enough time to make it through and not miss my flight and speaking of my flight, gate E8 is hosting out departure out to Rio with a Boeing 777-200ER and funny enough, it’s the same one that flew me to Punta Cana last year! What are the chances? 😅 but looks like it’s time for boarding so let’s line up and board this beautiful looking B772!

Now before I selected my seats, I watched a video by thejazzguy13 about the best seat on AAs B772 and sure enough it was actually a decent seat, yeah it was in the back but you had a bit more space on the sides and only had 1 person next to you instead of 2 and the best part is that it’s still sold as main cabin so you don’t need to pay any extra! But except the extra space, this is your average AA B772 economy seat so not much to talk about so let’s get going to Rio!

Now once we approached Runway 8R we were instructed to cross it and RWY 8L and go back a bit and cross 8L AGAIN and then finally take off from 8R. Now why did we do this? Well there was a plane obstructing the taxiway leading to RWY 8R and it sat there for HOURS without moving so ATC basically just told everyone taking off from RWY 8R to go around which did cause some congestion but it wasn’t too bad and we were airborne shortly!

Peace out Miami ✌️🏝️😎 I’ll be missing you, spring breakers on the other hand not so much.

Climbed up to our cruising altitude of FL370 over the Beautiful Bahamas 🇧🇸🏝️ and soon enough dinner had begun which was basic pasta or chicken I went with the pasta and it really was better than I thought, usually catering in economy class on a US carrier isn’t something I have high expectations for but this was actually somewhat good and this crew were very attentive more than usual especially my main flight attendant, a Brazilian native also flying down to Rio for the weekend so tonight’s crew earns 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ now I’ve been up since 6am since I went to school today so I was pretty much WASTED so I fell asleep pretty quickly after the lights were dimmed.

I woke up a few minutes before the sunrise so I can watch the Rio movie I downloaded before departure just to get myself in the Rio spirit. But about 15 minutes into the movie, the sun had begun rising over the Brazilian capital of Brasilia. Yeah contrary to popular belief, Rio isn’t the capital of Brazil 🇧🇷 it’s instead Brasilia a city which AA should return to especially with the Airbus A321XLRS!

About 1 hour later and after our breakfast service which was just a croissant 🥐 with a coffee or tea ☕️ we had begun our descent into Rio by Belo Horizonte and now it was time to approach Rio and sadly I couldn’t watch the full movie but I’ll do it at some point on my trip!

Now most of the approach into Rio’s Galeao airport was pretty basic just over some hills before around 3 minutes before landing we had begun flying over the city itself, unfortunately landing in GIG isn’t too scenic so you sadly won’t get a first good introduction since the beaches, city and even Christ the Redeemer are further away than Rio itself but departures do get a good view of them!

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 and just like every other landing in a Latin American country, there was TONs of clapping! 👏 now that we’re here let’s talk about the flight, it was pretty average AA overnight long haul flight with a decent hard product but the soft product did go above my expectations a bit, especially with that pasta I had for dinner and my flight attendant who was just really engaging. And was really welcoming me and my fellow passengers to Rio so I have to say she would 100% be my favorite flight attendant I’ve ever had in my many of flying American.

Out taxi to our gate wasn’t long at all, and soon enough we were disembarking and passport control 🛂 wasn’t terribly long either and even got a new sticker on my passport knocking down another country off the list of countries I want to visit. Bags on the other hand did take kind of long but still not insanely long like maybe 10 minutes after arriving to baggage claim 🛄 I got to my rental car and was headed off the explore Rio! Thanks for joining me on this spring break gateway stay tuned for potential spotting topics at both Rio’s Galeao airport and the infamous Santos Drumont airport and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


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