Brazilian Bonanza @ L35 - 302100ZOCT16

Hello and welcome to Big Bear’s eleventh event, today we will be doing some fun Touch and Goes at some of the major airports of Southern California.

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California Area

Airport: L35

Aircraft: All Embraer aircraft

Time: 2100Z

Flight Plan:


NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions

We will take off from Big Bear City Airport (L35) at around 21:00 Zulu, after take off we will head to Palm Spring International Airport (KPSP), San Diego International Airport (KSAN) and John Wayne-Orange County Airport (KSNA) for some fun Touch and Goes after we complete the 3 Touch and Goes we will head to Big Bear City Airport (L35) for a final group pic so please stay in the game until everyone has landed.

#See You There!

Thank You!


Event Sponsored by Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C
Credit to @AdamCallow for this great event idea!


It says the airport is KSFO

Thank you!

yo madrid! what time is it western?

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2 pm western my friend!

srry i can’t make, i know it sounds bad, but sundays just really don’t work out for me, because i have figure skating from like 12-3 :(

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that sucks :(

yeah :( i know I’m missing a frontier event to :(

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check slack i gave u an idea, on a new event idea! thx! :)

Will there be certain gates or anything we need to spawn at or anything?

No @techno.02life just spawn where you want

30 minutes!

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Ok thank you

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10 minutes!

5 minute@!

3 minutes!

2 minutes!

1 minute!!

lets go!!!

wow incredible!