Brazil’s Independence Day Celebration @ KLAX - 070000ZSEP17

                           Brazil’s Independence Day      

Brazil’s Independence Day is coming (September 7th), so the Infinite Flight Brazil (IFBR) group with the participation of Infinite Flight Voices Brazil (GVB), Infinite flight Mobile, MobSim and Infinite Flight Aerial Club (IFAC) groups to make the biggest event of Brazil in its celebration.

Server: Expert Server

Region: SoCal

Airport: Departure: KLAX Arrival: KONT

AIRCRAFT: A318(Livery Avianca),A319(Livery Tam), B737-7 (Livery Gol) B787-8 (Livery Avianca), B787-9(Livery Latam) e EMB195(Livery Azul).

DATE: 07/09

Time: 00:00Z

NOTAM : copy flight plan from IFAE-IFBR-Fonseca prior to pushback. Keep 10nm spacing between aircraft while en route. Wait on the hold short line until the aircraft ahead is 7nm out.
Altitude / Speed: 250KIAS until FL100, match 0.78 at FL330 cruise altitude

Flight Plan


Gate Assignments

✔️Infinite Flight Brasil / Flight Mobile: Terminal 1 e 2.

✔️ Infinite Flight Voa Brasil: Terminal 3 .

✔️Infinite Flight Aeroclube Brasil: Terminal 5 .

✔️Mob Sim : Terminal 6.

⚠️ Note on gates: ⚠️

Only for those who use the 787-8 and 787-9 you should use those gates below which are those that support such aircraft.

✔️ Infinite Flight Brasil:
TBIT C130 até o C134.

✔️ Infinite Flight Voa Brasil :
TBIT 148 ao 153.

✔️ Infinite Flight Aeroclube Brasil:
TBIT 154 ao 156

✔️Mob Sim:
TBIT 157 e 159.

For more information visit our website:


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