Brazil Region

It would be great to have Brazil airports, like Rio de Janeiro Galeāo(GIG/SBGL), Santos Dumont (SDU/SBRJ), Sāo Paolo Guarulhos(GRU/SBGR), Congonhas(CGH/SBSP), Campinas-Viracopos (VCP/SBKP)…


Yes that would be fantastic region to fly in!

and they should add more Brazilian and south american livery’s onto other aircraft

it can be a region of two airports:Sao Paulo and Rio.The flight time is about 1 hour and there are 85 regular flights in a day of GOL,TAM,Avianca,Azul

Those five airports would make for a very small region, not bad for quick flights. But maybe adding some more, Brasilia, Florianópolis, Salvador, so as to have space to fly higher and at longer distances, would be interesting.

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