Brazil fnf experience; Terrible

I’ve just had my fnf at Rio, and I have to say I just had what I think might’ve been my worst ever fnf experience. Here’s what happened

So it didn’t start well. After I spawned and field my flight plan, there wasn’t a ground and that’s fine because as almost everyone will probably reply with ifatc are people and have other things to do fine.

So I pushed back and of course everyone around me just happened to push back at the same time. As I was starting my engines up someone in a 777 gave no space and clipped his wing through my tail. There was also another 777 that as their is always that guy who decides to taxi at the fastest possible speed.

Taxi to the runway goes fine and is the only part of my flight that goes without incident.

As im holding short some guy in a Azul that taxied up to the back of my plane as close as he could. There was also someone with the callsign Air Force one of course. Then I got takeoff clearance as the guy that previously clipped my tail was taking off.

So yeah not a great flight. I understand that a lot of people here aren’t professional and I understand that but could something be done that could make things like this a bit more realistic? Thank you 🙏


Hello, @MadridistaPilot!

I’m sorry to hear about the disappointing encounter you had during the FNF today. Unfortunately, this happens, and while nothing can be done regarding the situation you experienced on the ground, you can message the Tower controller, @Ketan_Sanghvi, to understand why another aircraft took off when you did. They are the only one who can explain the situation.

I wish you the best and hope your next FNF is more enjoyable!


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately control over an airport cannot be the absolute best when not fully staffed as you aware of IFATC not always being able to have a 24/7 fully staffed airspace. Callsigns are user choice which can sometimes be a disadvantage for realism, but aren’t enforced with any rule on what callsigns can be set to (other than offensive callsigns). I am also sorry that you had other aircraft clipping into you.

The good news is that you’ll live to see another day in Infinite Flight, and of course means you’ll always have another chance to fly out from a busy airport and enjoy the world of global multiplayer! In the future if you experience any major incidents, contacting the Appals Team for a violation or a moderator for something live such as trolling is the best way to handle a bad experience as it unfolds.

I hope you have a better flight in your next session!


Thank you can close this if y ok want. I just want to be able to fly with people on things like this without some people who kindly should spend more time on training server

This is why i never ever fly group type flights. First it is unrealistic, 400 planes taking off at once and 20pct of people acting like idiots, and 1 hour waits plus… nope.


for this reasons I never fly on busy airport, some people doesn’t have sense to fly


Sometimes I double check to make sure I’m on the expert server because it honestly feels I’m flying on training or even casual

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Hi. I was the Tower controller during your outbound flight. I’m sorry that for some time, there was no ground controller & that may have been the cause of some confusion on the ground. Flyers are requested to maintain safe distance but this is not always followed. I think that order was restored once a ground controller signed in.

Please let me know if you faced any issues with the tower services. Re receiving takeoff clearance while someone else was taking off, in order to expedite departures at a busy airports, we use anticipated separation to ensure safe distance between an aircraft already rolling for takeoff & clearing the next one preparing to take off. Is that what you are referring to?

Once again, sorry that your experience at the airport was not pleasant. For us controllers too, some of the joy of controlling gets diminished when some flyers don’t maintain discipline & spoil the experience of serious flyers. We try to report serious infractions in our jurisdiction, wherever possible.


Ketan Sanghvi


This happens to me a lot and i try to ignore it but just gets on my nerves. IF need to upgrade the requirements for expert server. It was never like this.

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agreed, somehow IF needs to trim the clowns from the Expert Server, I think fixing a higher Total XP and Flight time threshold to qualify for grades 3 & 4 should be considered. @MadridistaPilot I saw that Airforce One person, as well as a Delta A339 and and another in Azul pink livery A339 both taxiing like morons, overtaking, speeding, clipping wings, I totally understand your aggravation.

Hello @MadridistaPilot

I’m sorry for your experience today. I agree with what others said completely. But this is just a game on a ipad or iphone. Not a real world situation. These things will happen and they will continue to happen as long as this game exists. The people that prefer to be professional will be professional and the ones that choose to have freedom can do what they do. Thats one of the reasons why I love this game so much: freedom. You take away that and make the game so strict… I’m sure a lot of people including myself will stop playing. Once again it’s just a game and I do apologise.

Have a good day.

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