Bray Airshow 2019

These are just some of my shots from the Sunday at the Bray Airshow 2019! ENJOY

The opening act was the Irish Aercorps in formation with an Aer Lingus A320.

The Aercorps then carried on with some aerobatics in Pilatus PC9’s.

Their CASA 235 arrived then

Then a group called raven aerobatics arrived with some amazing formation aerobatics.

Then an act that no name comes to mind for made a dramatic entrance coming around the cliffs in knifedge flight.

P51 Mustang did some high speed passes and aerobatics.

Then the Irish Historical Aviation arrived doing aerobatics in a pair of DHC Chipmunks.

Another act which I can’t put a name on in a Sukhoi.

Now to the search and rescue helicopter.

And finally the Royal Jordanian Falcons in a stunning aerobatics display.

If your still here…Thanks for taking a look!


nice shots!
have a nice day bro!

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You to. Thanks very much

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Amazing photos! But I can’t unsee the dirt on the corner of your lens 😄

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Yep I saw that the day after! Thanks for the good comment though.

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They really are great. Must’ve been hard to track the aircraft zoomed in like that, and they turned out looking nice.


Yes. I start at no zoom (70mm) and then zoom in as they come closer and eventually get to full zoom (300mm) if needed.

excellent photos! must have been really cool to see

That red/blue biplane of which you don’t have a name is: Rich Goodwin. Based at my local airfield (Gloucester), often go to watch it practice. I think it’s one of the most energetic displays on the UK circuit!

Great photos in all👍

Oh yes. The second I saw what you said I just went oh ya how did I not think of that.

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Amazing pictures, wish I was home to experience that…

Yes it’s was an experience alright.

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The last shot is just amazing!


The North American P-51D (G-BIXL) is “Miss Helen” based mostly out of IWM Duxford

The Union Jack painted Pitts S2S (G-EWIZ) is owned and displayed by Rich Goodwin a ex RAF Tornado GR1, Aerobatic Pilot based out of Gloucester Staverton Airport

The first picture is so cool! I’ve always loved Airliners in formation flights

Thanks lads

Wow! That looks great, lovely shot mate!

Stunning shots, wow!

Thanks very much

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