Bravo Zulu (BZ). LAX Unk. Tower 311415QJuly

An unknown majic man was manning the PG LAX Tower during my 30 minutes of Observations and T&G’s in my Super D. from 1400/30Q today.
The field was chockoblocked with anxious fledglings & inpatiant wannabes coming and going. The South Apron and Taxiway looked like a Chinese Fire Drill. It was apparant no one checked the plot or preflighted a spot or the actives (AFIS would have benefited both ATC & air crews here). The Tower was trying his best to keep up and I admire his fortitude. Comm"s where 2 minutes behind due to everybody hammering the net, the comm disipline on the part of the pilots was atrocious. Who ever you where Mr. Controller a tip of my hard hat. “Do Good Work”! MadMax Sends


Sounds like a true hassle. the controller is awesome

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