Bravo Atc! Bravo!

Just wanted to thank the atc( approach, tower and ground) today at the SoCal region. They were on their A game today.

Perfect descent instructions/clearances.

Flew to sandiego, San Clemente, Palm Springs, ont, and finally to lax.

Thank you and great job guys!

Oh and thank you tower at Palm Springs for approving my rwy change request and letting me land the trip 7 on rwy 31r.


😂 good lord! If that happened to me I would divert. And yes, I’ve done it a few times.

For once I was not told to decent to 8,000ft 60+ miles away.

Thank you Erj… People love to bash us as always but these topics are the ones that we love hearing! Thanks for flying with us!

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Anytime mate. Keep up the great work. :)

Born and raised @Erj145

What is your call sign if I may ask?


Always :)

Haha. Pearland? Does that sound right?

Small world.

Isn’t that the smallest and narrowest runway at KPSP… So “Realistic”

Awesome to see more and more positive feedback instead of only complains :)


I don’t play this game for its “realism” haha

There is zero challenge landing on a 7,000ft+ rwy. And a 777 on a 5,000ft runway and pretty challenging when you throw in x wind With 15+ kts

When I land at KPSP, I always go for Runway 31L. (Otherwise, if the wind changes and runway operations are reversed I go for Runway 13R)

Makes sense.

In advance server very few atc will let you land on the smaller rwy. Got lucky today. However, on the playground server they pretty much let you land wherever. Ha.

I always opt for the smaller runway no matter the plane size( closer to parking and closer back to rwy)

Yeah not many will let you land there in a triple 7. I only allow fighters and Smaller aircraft. I like to use it for touch and go traffic.

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Ya, perfect rwy for the citation x to land.