Brantain's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (PASSED WRITTEN)

Hello all! This is my air traffic control tracking thread. I would like to be in the IFATC team, and with your flying and feedback, I am steps closer to that goal. So, fly some patterns and have fun!

Current Status:
Location: N/A

Frequencies: Tower & Ground

Status: closed

29/5/20 - Open for the first session! From 2130Z-2215Z. Now closed.

1/6/20 - Open at Fresno Yosemite! From 2155Z-2300Z. Now closed. Now NOT closed. Closed again.

9/6/20 - Open at KFAT from 2125-2200Z. Closed; no traffic.

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Open for patterns at LFBO! Landing and departing runways 14L and 14R.

Come er up! Patterns at KFAT! Landing and departing runways 29L/29R.

I’ll come by

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Oops I crashed but everything was flawless good stuff sorry about that other guy I’ll pm u about him.

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Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon. I’ll be on the lookout.

I’m back! Open at KFAT; active runways are 29L/R.

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