Braniff Boeing 747-200


It’s older sister, the 747-100 N601BN was also known as “747 Braniff Place”, or “The Great Pumpkin”, for obvious reasons. Though the 747-200s that Braniff had were not as iconic as their 747-100s were, these aircraft looked quite similar to N601BN and are a simpler/more realistic add than a 747-100, since the 747-200 model already exists in IF.

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A bit too much orange, but some more 742 liveries won’t hurt


Great choice for a livery. So glossy, it would look awesome with everything on high.

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I wish I had seen this livery… Love it!

Seems like EasyJet copied their carrot livery from Braniff…

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Bumping this and still loving the liv!

This orange is still better than Jetstar Generation…

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