Brand New to Infinite Flight

Hi there, I’ve just paid for the PRO option of infinite flight but I can’t seem to access any ATC functions or ATC controllers on the live mode. I am a Level 1 but every time I load the online mode it says I have to be level two to use ATC. Can anyone help or explain how it works?

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Hi there and welcome. Once you reach Grade 2 will be able to control on the Training Server.

While we have you have a look here to help you enjoy your stay ;)


This means you are grade 1 so the only server you can access is Casual Server. When you get to Grade 2 then the next server will be Training Server. And how to have your grade increase is by doing long flights and landings.


Welcome to Infinite Flight! Explore the entire earth at the palm of your hands, every continent and almost every single airport is there for you at your disposal, we also have rules and regulations when it comes to flying and controlling. Fortunately, we have two community managers that have real world aviation experience and will help you learn how to fly and control!

Flight Tutorials

Air Traffic Control Tutorials

Be sure to see those tutorials, and make sure to see topics linked above by fellow users.

Welcome to Infinite Flight, Kael!


Can you give me some advice on how to get to level two ASAP?

Hop in a GA and do some patternwork. Chief305 linked the tutorials above.

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Do touch and goes during the day to accumulate landings and EXP. At night, do a long haul to accumulate flight hours. It’s a learning process.


Thanks for the advice.