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Welcome to the Garuda Indonesia Virtual Official Thread

image We Are IFVARB Approved!

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Meet Garuda Indonesia Virtual.

At Garuda Indonesia Virtual, our team strives to provide the best virtual airline experience for every one of the pilots that steps through our doors. We offer a wide array of aircraft to choose from, which you can fly on any of our 250+ routes, flagship IFC and internal VA events, flash flights, group flights, and much, much more!

Our History:

Midway through May 2019, our CEO, @Ozzy, founded Garuda Indonesia Virtual in an attempt to bring more attention to the Southeast Asia region in Infinite Flight. Since then, Garuda Indonesia Virtual has developed into a small caring community, with frequent group flights, events, and a growing pilot base. Unfortunately, as of June 2020, @Ozzy has resigned his position as GAVAs CEO, however he still remains a pilot! Our COO @Matt777 has become our new CEO ,

Our Staff Team:

Here at GAVA, we have our staff team split into 2 sectors; the Board of Directors, and Lower Management. Read through the drop down menus below to find out more about each individual staff member.

Board of Directors

CEO= @Matt777
COO= @Helmethead
Head of Internal Affairs= Vacant.

Lower Management

HR Manager= @Sean_McCormack
Pilot Coordinator= Vacant.
Events Manager= Vacant.
ATC Director= @jamie_pharoah

Want to Become Part of The Staff Team?

If you would like to become part of GAVAs Staff Team, you’re in luck. We currently have three staff positions vacant! These are

  1. Head of Internal Affairs
  2. Pilot Coordinator
  3. Events Manager

If you are interested in any of these roles, don’t hesitate to contact our VA account or CEO (@Matt777)!!


Our Fleet:

At Garuda Indonesia Virtual, we operate several different kinds of aircraft in our mainline fleet, from the small Bombardier CRJ-1000 regional jet, all the way up to the Boeing 777-300ER, the largest twin-engined commercial aircraft. In addition to this, we also operate some extra aircraft types with some of our partner airline’s liveries, which are used exclusively for our codeshare routes.

Bombardier CRJ-1000 - Regional
Boeing 737-800 - Short Haul
Airbus A333 - Medium + Long Haul
Boeing 777-300ER - Long + Ultra Long
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - Heritage Program

Our Ranking Structure:

For the Garuda Indonesia Virtual ranking structure, we chose to use a system where pilots fly routes based off of the route type. This system gives pilots to fly a wider variety of aircraft to fly while at the lower ranks.

Our rank structure goes off of, ranks, the required hours for the rank and then the routes you unlock with each rank

Ranks - Hours Req - Routes Unlocked

Cadet - 0 hours - N/A

Officer - 0 hours - Regional

Officer - 15 hours - Short Haul

Sr. First
Officer - 40 hours - Medium Haul

Captain - 100 hours - Long Haul

Captain- 200 hours - Ultra Long Haul + Heritage Routes


Our Routes:

Garuda Indonesia Virtual has an extensive collection of routes & codeshares, so there is never a dull moment for our pilots! Explore the full route database Here


Meet Skyteam.

Explore Skyteam Virtual


As of June 2020, Garuda Indonesia Virtual has partnerships with 4 other virtual airlines, these being, Thai Group Virtual, Korean Air Virtual, All Nippon Airways Virtual and last but certainly not least, TUI Virtual.


With these great partnerships comes brilliant routes. And we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with them! Garuda Indonesia Virtual are very proud to be partnered with these amazing VAs, and we look forward to the future with them too.


Are You Ready?

Start your journey with Garuda Indonesia Virtual by reviewing the pilot application criteria below and clicking “apply here”.


• At least 14 years old.
• Grade 3 or above in Infinite Flight.
• Able to use the Slack app.
• Have a good standing in the the IFC + with IFVARB.
• One flight every three weeks minimum.
• Active IF Pro subscription.
• Less then 50% violation/landing ratio



Beautiful thread I’ve thought about joining, I probably will.


Beautiful thread!


Thank you very much 😁

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They’ve been certified for a long time now.

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Yes we’ve been certified since September of 2019, this is just updated!!

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Ahh, finally an updated thread… Glad you guys are back ;)


Great work on the update @Sean_McCormack


Thank you @jamie_pharoah 😁😁

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This looks amazing @Sean_McCormack!! Can’t wait to get back in the sky again with the GAVA callsign!!


Great thread !!! ✌🏼👨‍✈️😊


Cool thread @GarudaVirtualGroup and happy 1 year anniversary!!!


Hello all pilots and members of the IFC.

Today Garuda Indonesia Virtual welcomes @Syncline as our brand new Head Of Internal Affaires. Ricardo joined us back in April and since his arrival he’s made countless dedication towards the VA. We couldn’t of picked a better member of GAVA to be our newest staff member!!

A message from @Syncline himself:

“I would like to thank the management team at GAVA for giving me the opportunity to be their HIA. Together, I hope we can make Garuda Indonesia Virtual even better for all pilots.”


New Changes to Garuda Indonesia Virtual

Today GAVA have made a number of new changes to our workspace to keep things fresh and to motivate our pilots even more!! Some of these changes include;

  1. New badges for all pilots.
  2. New route database with more routes added!!
  3. A whole new ranking system to challenge all our pilots on getting to the top. Including unique benefits for some of our higher ranks!!
  4. Brand new Pilot of The Month. Every month a pilot will be rewarded with this title. Giving them a unique badge and special rewards!!

Apply now to start your brand new journey with Garuda Indonesia Virtual!!

Any questions please ask.


Staff Changes!!

Today is a sad day at Garuda Indonesia Virtual. we say goodbye to our COO @Helmethead, Omar has been with GAVA since our launch in summer last year, and has worked so hard throughout the year to improve the VA for all members. He will 100% be missed. Thanks for all the memories mate 😎😎🙂

Taking over the role of COO is @Sean_McCormack.

In addition to this. We welcome 3 new staff members to GAVA!!
@Arish_Mehta is our new Chief Pilot!
@Aviation-21 is our new Routes Manager!
And @FrzAgus is our new HR Manager!

We’re very happy to have these three on our staff team at GAVA. Looking forward to working with them as the new year approaches!!


It was an honour and a pleasure to be a part of. Well done on all the new appointments! 😎


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