Brand new f-22?

Server: Solo
Time: 2 hours
Location: Somewhere above Nepal
Plane: brand new f-22
Altitude: 200,000 feet AGL
Speed: Mach 5
Ok that’s enough info onto the photo

f-22 is about to become invisible.

Should the Air Force make this plane?

  • Yes
  • No

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Cool looks beautiful 🤩!!!

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Hehe it looks neon

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Right after I took the photo it went back to regular for a second then well it became invisible. I went to cockpit view and the sim crashed as soon as I was in cockpit view.

It’s freezing. Lol

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Looks like a space shuttle re-entering earth.

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I think the pilot did freeze and maybe thats why the game crashed. That way he could get back down to Earth and warmth.

Sort of does except it is a f-22 exiting Earth.

How in the World did you reached mach 5. The highest speed I could reach in that plane was M.2 and a high of 130.000ft.

I think it was a glitch. My altitude indicator showed I was descending but I was actually climbing.