Brand New: Before & After [Airlines Edition]

Found this really neat website. Its called “Brand New”. I found that they had an aviation section and was shocked. Various airlines that have changed their logo are detailed in the before and after looks. Take the new Lufthansa livery update, Qantas, Frontier, and Hawaiian Airlines for example. Image, details and more historical information are covered. There are pages of these airlines both before and after changes as well as follow up stories such as Southwest Airlines.

The link to your madness👇🏼

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Incase you missed it 👆🏼

Below are a few screenshots of what you can expect to see.

Qantas Logo

Evolution of Hawaiian Airlines’ logo

Let me know what your thoughts are and what article you found most interesting. There’s about 7 pages worth of these airlines, so make sure you’re scrolling down near the end of the webpage for more.

Screenshots sourced from link provided above


This is also a good way to observe how design trends has changed over the years


It’s always nice to take a look at an airline’s past, thanks for sharing it @DeerCrusher . ✈️

Wow this is very interesting to see how stuff has changed over the years & decades.

Am I the only one here that prefers the old ATR logo?

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Qantas designer: “Well, why isn’t it the tail section?”

Stupid autocorrect.

I think the funniest ones are Spirit and Southwest. Read the whole article for the full effect. I was literally laughing. The guy who wrote these articles is brutally honest.


That is one transformation.


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<img src=“
Both are the same plane for their respective airline

JetPhotos on all of them

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The Hawaiian Airlines sparked my attention. It is believed that airline logos and designs have progressed and changed over the years and in this case, more like centuries.

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I had no idea Qantas changed their kangaroo tail logo! I know they got a new livery but I didn’t know the logo changed also. Great find, Matt!

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🤷🏼‍♂️ The more you know, right? Its likely that your friends don’t know that. You can school them now. Qantas’ font is probably my favorite out of all of the airlines. Sleek and modern feel.


I think Kuwait had probably the most severe livery change:





Their new livery is beautiful! The old livery looks like something out of the 90’s.


The Chinese airlines need to take example from Kuwait. I think all of the Chinese airline liveries need an update and re-branding.

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Dang, would love to see a aircraft on its very first Hawaiian colors.




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The last one do I like the most it looks great!


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