Brakes Button Assignment Inversed via API


For @matt



I have mapped button 0 to brakes via the Controls tab in settings. Sending the “Down” value disables the brakes, whilst sending the “Up” value enables them.

This seems to be inversed; my joystick has a trigger for brakes, and to keep them enabled I’d like to hold the trigger down (sending the “Down” value). However, this disables the brakes instead of enabling them.


You could invert the inversion ;)


Yes, but this isn’t ideal since not every joystick uses button 0 for brakes; I’d have to build a UI for you to tell me which one is the brakes because otherwise i’d inverse something else ;)


You know I’m kidding; I have no idea what I’m talking about ;)


I use the "gun/shot) button (the big red trigger) on my A10 warthog joystick and it actually works perfectly fine!


The X52 Pro has a trigger but it technically counts as 2 buttons. Hold the trigger with little force and you’ll reach the first button. Pull the trigger all the way in and that will be the second button.


I’m doing this via the OS X client which is a little different ;)


@matt I’m still having this problem. It’s just inverted, that’s all.


Sorry I missed that… the button code was completely wrong…