Brakes automatically armed upon landing

So for the first time last night I used the APPR function just to test it out and it was an okay landing however once I disengaged the APPR to taxi my aircraft wouldn’t move once I added some throttle I checked my landing gear which was extended so I didn’t know why I couldn’t get off the runway, it turned out that when using APPR that when you land the brakes are automatically applied which left me sat on the runway for a few moments while I figured out the problem, so with that in mind if I was at a busy airport and receiving instructions from ATC I would have been penalised for idling on the runway is this something that you can change so that the brakes aren’t automatically applied when using APPR, luckily the airport wasn’t ATC controlled and was only Unicom, can this automatic braking feature be removed as I don’t see why automatic brakes set would be needed on active runway?

Thank you.

Jason 😁

P.S Sorry for the long winded post 😝

It could be possible that I did but I don’t think I did I’d have to check next time I use the APPR mode. Thank you I didn’t think of that.

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i hate that moment as well! i deactivate APPR a few hundred feet before touchdown

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That’s not correct. Upon landing with APPR, breaks (parking breaks) are engaged. If you disengage APPR before touchdown, breaks will not be enabled.


I believe when you tap the brakes they should disengage. If not that then switch the AP off once fully on the ground. I recommend disengaging the AP though once you have visual contact with the RWY.

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I guess I could just do that but what is the need for brakes to be automatically applied when you have touched down on the runway I know it’s easy just to disengage the brakes but could they not remove this feature unless it is for a reason as IF mods must have added that feature to the APPR mode?

I know I can switch it off but I don’t see the need for it to happen upon touchdown lol unless their is a good reason for it. 😁

It saves you from potentially overshooting the rwy so I don’t see why it should be removed. Though I wouldn’t use APPR on a daily basis anyways. More fun in flying the plane after it has been flying itself the past few hours :/

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I agree that it shouldn’t engage the parking brakes. This is why we need “autobrake”, which would be realistic, instead of it slamming on the parking brake.


Ahh I see, well maybe it should remain then thanks for that. Yes I agree I don’t see the point in letting AP fly the whole flight for you and then use APPR to land it takes the fun out of flying unless of course visibility is little to none, I never use APPR that was the first time just to test it out I like to fly my landings manually 😁

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That could be something that would work instead of auto parking brakes armed.

It actually does, the brakes on APPR landing apply automatically as soon as the landing gear touches the ground. But you should be able to disengage them even when landing, as soon as it switches on, you turn it off.

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It bugs me that the brakes automatically turn on when you touchdown because then your landing roll is significantly shorter than what happens irl. I just be vigilant enough that when those wheels touch done, I automatically disengage the parking brakes and deploy reverse thrusters. After a few moments (when speed is less than 100 GS) I disengage the autopilot and use the device tilt to center the aircraft further. I usually don’t use the rudder brake or the parking brakes when landing.

Keep in mind, that you do have the option of using that rudder braking feature, which is designed to slowly brake (like real world procedures) rather than immediately come to screeching stop.

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