Brake release bug

Device: Galaxy Tab S7+
Operating system: Android 13

Something is wrong but I can’t explain
Continuous touching but brake and reverse thrust are released.

It’s normal for the aircraft to slow down by itself even when there’s no reverse or brake applied…

The point is, why the reverse goes off automatically when I try to apply brakes.

Did you mistakingly release your finger off the thrust lever while applying the brakes?

No, screen recording says I didn’t release my finger.

If you pull your finger too far down when activating reverse thrust, it will stop detecting it and set back to idle.

Devs should see this issue… I think we cannot make anything different.

Have you made any modifications to the device? DPI, resolution or similar?

I dropped down resolutions to 75%.

Restore it to default and see what happens.

Same as above video.

Make sure you restart the device between making those changes.
When did the issue start? When you changed to 75% to begin with?

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Solved. Device restart worked. and seems nothing wrong with 75% res.

Then why it happened???

You most likely changed the resolution and then didn’t restart the device, so the app was still operating on the previous resolution settings.

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