Brake on, plane starts taxiing on its own

Aircraft: Citation X

I was just at EDDF on expert and I pushed back. When I clicked “stop pushback”, the plane stopped like it should. I didn’t like the position I was in so I clicked pushback again and used the rudder to better align myself. Then when I was done with that I clicked stop pushback again, it stopped but 2 seconds later I started to roll forward which gave me a mild heart attack. I quickly hit end flight. I did not have either engines on at any point.

This may sound stupid but what was the winds like? I noticed this happens to me when the brakes aren’t applied and the winds are even mild I start rolling

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According to, winds are 6 kts at 100 degrees.

The smaller planes will roll if the brakes aren’t on sometimes


When you hit “stop pushback” doesn’t it put the brakes on?

Yes it does but something must have happened. I would only worry if it happens many times other than that end the flight and restart the app and it will probably never occur again.

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It is 10004KT right now, I pushed back at 15:38Z.

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I’m going to fly on training and casual a couple times then.


I’ve had this happen to me before. I thought it was just a glitch, and it probably is.

Yeah, I fly the C750 a lot. It did not look like a normal roll. It looked more like when you see someone else lose connection. Kind of like I was floating. It was hard to tell though because of the view I had.

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Perhaps the winds went crazy and possibly lifted your aircraft up?

I wouldn’t consider 4knts crazy.

Did the aircraft lift up? Sometimes the winds can jump up to 100knots then calm back down again. It’s a split second thing.

I was in normal view at this angle. It’s hard to tell but it may have. I spawned in to take this picture, no spontanous uncontrolled taxing this time after pushing back.

Why Did you end the flight just switch over and put the brakes on yourself 🤨🤨

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I was starting my flight, hence the pushback. 🤨 And I usually use the brake button instead of stop pushback. This was an exception.

It might have been the wind what pushed ya if it was strong wind