Brake issue

I love infinate flight, and play it daily. I was playing it today, Feb 14th 2016, and my brakes would not come off. I quit the app, and restarted the iPad. None of it is working. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem?


guy567 (N175FL)


Please follow these rules that I linked [HERE] ( so that (the devs and the community) can better understand your problem 🙂.

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You should better describe your problem… What do you mean by “my brakes would not come off”?

This happened to me to. He means that when he was landing or taking off, the brakes were still on. I fixed it by repeatedly pressing the brakes, and if that doesn’t work try to turn on the auto-pilot for the speed and just turn that on and then off

That has happened to me too. I uninstalled the app and got it back and it got fixed. The only plane I could takeoff w/brakes is the B777-200F.

Please search before posting :) Can't set off the brakes

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Well, I had the same problem a time ago. As @JDE1303 said.
I can recommend to install IFF new.

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