Brake by percentage

This is a better idea than simply nerfing the brakes across the board.

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This would be a big step to making IF the most realistic flight simulator for mobile devices. Full support bro

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It already is the most realistic flight simulator for mobile devices.


It is not yet but may soon be.

Pretty sure that’s just the placebo effect talking.

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Autobrake I’ve touched on this

Did you read this ?

So what is?..

This would be nice to have.

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Um, guys, this already exists. Just pull down on the rudder to slow down.

I can’t do that. That’s why this would be nice

Wait, do you mean the throttle for the reversers?

It doesn’t work? Try it again and wait, some times it takes a few seconds to work

Hey cool! This is much nicer than jamming on the BRAKE square.

As far as autobrake is concerned, I noticed if I land the A320 with APPR mode left on all the way to the rwy, the BRAKE key lights up all by itself.

Moving the rudder button down works (NICE! This will make taxiing corners way easier), but it is also only binary on/off, like the brakes button. Would be great if it would be analog like the throttle.

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*logs into IF to test this rudder tip


Pulling down on the rudder does nothing for me, I thought this was a prank at first. Does it seriously work for some of you?

Yes, it does.

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I use IF on an iPhone 5s. this is from one of my previous replies in this very post, ‘If you drag down on the rudder, it acts as a brake. It makes sense because in real life, moving the pedals turns the rudder and pressing the top part of the pedals acts as a brake, and pressing the top part part of for example the right pedal harder over the left brakes the right set of wheels more than the wheels in the left, allowing for differential braking.’

The “top part of the pedals” are the brakes, they don’t just act as a brake.