Brake by percentage

It’s not necessary that they make taxi lights before variable braking.

But u going to need more vote to make sure they notice your feature request

0:24-0:29 or so, I’m intentionally bouncing it, going from full to none, to various places in between and bouncing it like a yo-yo.

The contention is that it’s a toggle.

If that were the case, I could not do that. It’s not a toggle.

I didn’t say it’s actually a toggle, I said it’s basically as if you were to press the “brake” button. So it’s either you get a lot of braking or nothing.

You just defined a toggle.

That is the dictionary definition. On or off.

Well, I’m sorry I’m not able to explain very well. It’s basically a toggle off/on then.

If you were to pull it a little or to the middle you won’t get anything unless you pull all the way down which would give you a lot of braking pressure.

whats the difference between this topic and this one…Autobrake

This is the difference.

oh ok, my mistake, sorry

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787, nice choice. They’re my fave

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You’re right. I’ve tested this so called ‘slide down’ of the rudder; you can brake, but it’s indeed not variable. It behaves the same as the Brake button.

So…I support the request for variable braking from @Boodz_G


I fell like its time for a dev to come here and explicitly tell people here that the rudder thing is actually variable when braking. Devs?

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Nuh uh I just tried it I didn’t work

Yes, it does. Slide all the way down on the rudder.

The rudder? I migh be sounding stup but, how you do that in IF?

Check out this video that @Tim_B has provided.

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Wow, always is time to learn… thank you. And I know what you are saying, it’s like the dimmable light… it might be a nice idea because it does exist in real life so the sim will gain realism but may be there is no space… well, it can be added like a brake option, like the trim with 0% to 100%/-100&… but without -100%… I will try to delete any other vote so I can vote this idea, I like it very much

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