Brake by percentage

Instead of just pressing a button and it will use full brakes to stop, you will be able to brake by percentage.
(Brake whilst taxiing, not for landing)


Yeah that would help.


You can drag down on the rudder to slow less than just brakes

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You can but it wouldnt be less brake power

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Auto brake would be great, they they use IRL.


This is not for autobrake

What do u mean?

If you drag the rudder down, the plane will brake.

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Really, that works in if?

Yes, it does.

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You drag down on the rudderand the more you pull down you brake more

This is a great idea the devs really should add this!

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If you drag down on the rudder, it acts as a brake. It makes sense because in real life, moving the pedals turns the rudder and pressing the top part of the pedals acts as a brake, and pressing the top part part of for example the right pedal harder over the left brakes the right set of wheels more than the wheels in the left, allowing for differential braking.


This doesn’t work on my IF.


This is a better idea than simply nerfing the brakes across the board.

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This would be a big step to making IF the most realistic flight simulator for mobile devices. Full support bro

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It already is the most realistic flight simulator for mobile devices.


It is not yet but may soon be.

Pretty sure that’s just the placebo effect talking.

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Autobrake I’ve touched on this