Brake button update/fix/suggestion


Not sure if “General” is where this needs to be. If this post is in the wrong spot, please move it or tell me where to repost it.

I know right now we can slide back the rudder slider to simulate braking. We can also push the “brake” button. I’d like to have the “brake” button be able to not stay down. So braking only occurs while the “brake” button is pushed. Right now when I land and I’m starting to retract my flaps, retract my speed brakes, turn off my lights, respond to ATC, switch to Ground, watch my speed, turn off the runway all while braking. I push the brake button and it stays down. Often making me come to a complete stop on the runway. But also while taxing. When our speed starts climbing to 30kts we tap the “brake” then have to retap it again to unlock them. It would be cool to only be braking when the button is pushed. This way it’s impossible to stop on the runway and when taxing we just push and hold it as long as we need it. Maybe to set the brake once we’re parked all you do is double tap the button. Or maybe add an emergency brake button to the third over screen, where the lights are. Thoughts?

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Ok. I’m guessing this is a feature request.


Yes. Where does this thread go. I didn’t see a feature request page. Or am I missing something? I see a features. But not a request.


Don’t worry I have changed the topic to a feature request. Yes that’s it ‘features’ in the top left, under your topic title


Cool. Thank you. Maybe they need the Features to say Feature Suggestions. (Just a thought 😉)


I agree, but I think it should be optional (like an option to enable it in the settings) because when pulling off a runway when I’m going slightly too fast, I press brakes and then quickly swap to ground control ATC and before I know it I’ve stopped on the edge of the runway which is annoying


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Also, many times, as it’s locked on braking, when you’re turning with your rudder the rudder locks and you steer onto the grass. Having the brake button like I mentioned I believe would fix that.

Yes, this feature as an option idea would be really cool. This way the change would please everyone. Good call. Thanks.


That’s why I use the manual brakes. I just hate that it is tied to the rudder slider which makes it difficult and cumbersome to use.
Would make much more sense to have the manual brakes at the bottom of the throttle slider, so when the reverse thrusters disengage at 60kts, the manual brakes become enabled.


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That’s where your manual brakes are located. Pull the rudder slider straight down.



You can slide the rudder?


Pull the rudder straight down to engage the manual brakes.


Thanks a lot!


Closing this since there is already a request on this. Right now it is linked to the rudder slider but it’s difficult to handle.