Brake Button Location

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Greetings Infinite Flight Community!

I am proposing a move of the brake button. Currently it’s placement doesn’t allow (for me at least) the ability to brake and steer easily. Typically at the end of the taxiway there is a turn onto the runway or to the hold short line. It seems to me sort of awkward that the brake button is on the steering side.

My solution is to move the brake button under the throttle control. See my terribly marked up screen shot:


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I prefer to play with Auto-Coordination off, and thus find it awkward. Thanks for the reply though!

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You can just use the rudder brakes🙂
Pull down on the rudder and you will slow the aircraft. very useful for taxi!

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I’ll have to try this, and a little embarrassed I didn’t think of it before!

There is already a request for this, and it’s very old. And never got any votes for some reason.

Rudder braking works, but while doing this, I most times end up in a ditch somewhere.

My suggestion would be to enable the brake button to be custom placed; either variable, via drag and drop thingy, or multiple options to choose from.


I mantain good controll by going to settings and playing with sensitivity and null zone.
That’s really a great braking mechanism as up have exact control of the pressure

I prefer to have it the way it is. I can control the reverse thrust with one thumb and apply the brake/rudder brake with the other. I am trying to be more realistic by not slamming it into negative 100%.

Otherwise I would have to lift up on the reverse thrust to apply brakes.


I agree with Chris the layout is very usefully for landing and takeoff so I think personally it’s fine the way it is

I agree, I have always found it annoying in other “games” where the brake and thrust were on the same side, or even when they are combined

I second it. My fingers are too fat. I have the tendency to hit buttons unintentionally. If it could be done, even a set up screen when offline that we can drag the buttons to personal preference would help. Something that we could like into in the long run.

Ejection button we could put in the center of the screen.


I think we can add a second break botton under the power bar, cause the old break botton is quite handy when talking about trying to slow down after touchdown

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Rudder braking is cool but not enough.

I need a brake button option that can be placed some near the throttle control

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I see where you’re getting here:

Steering and braking on the same side IS an awkward dilemma. And that rudder brake doesn’t feel like it exists whenever you need it in a hurry.


So would putting it on the throttle side. The same problem will occur again: awkward constant lifting of finger - during reverse thrust, of all times!

Solution: Have it on both sides. Fits all purpose!
(Downside: a messy interface!)

Either that or make the (intuitively should’ve been the best) rudder brake more sensitive and animated with something when braking (so I don’t have to check my G/S all the time to see if it works).

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Agreed! Yes I also imagine leaving the existing brake button, but also adding the extra, alternative, brake button. 2 of em !

If it can be done, I would like to see a hold and drag the button feature perhaps in the settings. I have huge fingers, so crosswind landings cause me to accidentally press other buttons. Recently I accidentally departed from runway on a crosswind takeoff. Close call on expert server for a licensed pilot. I would like to separate all of my buttons adding more space in between them. Probably a much bigger project that would only make sense for next major update.

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Brake button is good for me but i have problem with the place of trim button. It causes to open main menu buttons and it prevents trim button. Maybe brake or gear button could change its place with trim.

The brake button does not really need to me moved in my opinion it fine.😀😀

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