Brake bug (takeoff)

Brake not working after takeoff.

Hey guys, I was taking off with the 737 after rotating and applied brake before retract my gear, and it doesn’t work, the wheels keep spinning even when it retracts.

This never happened to me before, can this be reported somehow?

Because you know, the wheels should not be spinning after takeoff, before the update it was working well, but now it doesn’t have any effect.

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To my knowledge, in real life brakes are automatically applied during retraction, if they are still spinning. Therefore you shouldn’t feel the need to break yourself, even though if it looks like they are in the game.

Very small detail, good spot though.

Yeah I knew it stops rotating after the gear is retracted, but if you try it now, it doesn’t work, not even with brakes.

And it was right before the update, it’s a small detail but it annoys me.

They actually do stop after the gear is retracted. On the A320 at least.

Hi there, irl the landing gear is stopped by de-spinning actuators when the pilot select the gear lever to up. On older planes there is also an off position which deactivates the hydraulic system from the landing gear and the gear falls into place in a save position. On newer planes there’s only up and down position and is more automated.

I found a nice clip on YouTube inside the wheelwell.



You beat me to it! I was gonna pull this exact video up.

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You’re right, this is what is supposed to happen with the 737, but it doesn’t work.

Before the update it was exactly like the video.

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That’s a cool video. As a kid we had taken off in a Cessna 411 when one of our friends commented to our friend the pilot: “what’s that burning smell?” He said he forgot to hit the breaks before gear retraction. Wow you guys like the details.


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