Brad_Jones ATC thread [CLOSED]

Open - KJFK until 1515 Z. Pattern work, derartures, arrivals. Bring a friend. Not to many though.

I am working at Twr and Gnd at KJFK until 1515Z. Pattern work etc all allowed. Would like to have feedback afterwards. On training serverThanks 👍

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Please browse in the ATC category.

Sorry, didn’t seeee!

What server is it going to be?

Edit: misread, training server.

@Brad_Jones Please format your threads title like this.

Let us know when you open/close and for how long you open

Training server is on

I ll be there in 2 min.

My iPad just crashed. One second

Feedback @Brad_Jones
▪You cleared me for pushback when another ac was taxing behing me
▪When I was 2 meters behind the hold short line, you told me to contact Tower. Why???
▪You cleared me for take off without telling me to make left or right traffic.
▪ I reported position with full stop and you cleared me for the option.
▪You didnt give me any exit command

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Could I have another go if any chance?

What do you mean @Brad_Jones??

I don’t thing this is wrong. With Cleared for the Option you are also allowed to do a low Landing.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Is KJFK still open? I want to do some Pattern work.

When you mention that your intention is to land, the atc responce should be clear to land!!

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Oh in the Tutorial Skyhawk Hevy said low pass. My fault😂

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No problem. Will maybe do something tomorrow, I’m not sure

I’m practicing for IFATC but need some practice before hand

I’m doing same right now.

Had 2 Fails already. I have only one try left.

I have 2 fails also. So I’m squatting hard for this

Who do you have as your recruiter?

Mine is JoshFly8.