Braathens SAFE Boeing 737-700

Braathens SAFE 737-700

Hello again, community!


I want to present to you Braathen SAFEs Boeing 737-700.

Why should we add this?

Braathen was a Norwegian international carrier who was based at Oslo Fornebu Airport (ENFB) which was closed down in 1998.

Given the large amount of retro routes Braathens had, it would be fantastic to add this to the game.

Braathens had an Alliance with KLM and Northwest

Having merged with SAS in 2002, the Braathens name has been brought back in Braathens Regional Airline (BRA), but is not near the size of its former glory

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Stay safe, happy flying and thank you

Im sure @Andre_S might enjoy this one ;)

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Oooo definitely an interesting livery, and we don’t have many liveries for Nrothern European airlines, but in reality, I would never use this, so for that reason, I’m out

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Old memories come back. Nice request Jens! To be honest I like the old classic livery better on their 737-200s. Back when they were Braathens S-A-F-E ( South American and Far East Air Transport).

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