Braathens Regional Airlines ATR72-600

This swedish regional carrier operates 9 of these beautiful ATR birds 💚
Would also be very nice for an ATR72 (when it comes in the future)…

Bro did you see the request thing if you didn’t take a look its hard to recreate that.

Don’t need to go around saying that all the time. Personally that’s enough.


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As a regular, I read the post. Of course I know what makes a good feature request…

That topic refers to feature requests with no bottom at all or those ones who aren’t done the proper way.

So check this out:

And compare it to mine by the number of given information.

A bottom only having two lines doesn’t mean it can’t be informative… IMO if PPL want to know more about the carrier they should see Wikipedia, or

IF you don’t agree PM me…

Now back on topic pls…


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I’d love to fly throughout Sweden in these. Best route would be Bromma - Visby.

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what a bae i love it

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