BP's ATC Marathon (Event Finished)

Thanks for your service, flew back to HKG from CDG this morning.

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No worries at all, saw yourself and @Swithord land I believe! Hope you had a nice flight and thank you for stopping by!

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Back to the same gate in the morning as Cathay 521, thank you for the service!@BP-Aviation

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I noticed that was you as you were taxiing, took me long enough to notice haha. Thanks for stopping by again!

I will be closing Hong Kong in 9 minutes. If you want to depart under ATC please spawn in now!

I have closed VHHH and that is the end of the ATC Marathon!

Thank you so much for everyone that stopped by and I hope you all enjoyed your flights!


Dang, just missed my departure by a half hour. Just landed in Toronto to some nasty winds.

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How many operations did you get?

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Ended up with around 300-400 hard to tell due to the crash. Unless there is a way to check in your log book or something.