Boycotting Qatar Airways Service to Boston?

On March 16, Qatar Airways will launch service between Doha and Boston Logan using an A350XWB aircraft. This is very exciting because it will be the first A350 to land in Boston and will be the first time Qatar Airways provided service to and from Boston. According to the Boston Globe, a group wants to boycott this service prior to the inaugural flight.

I know that this may or may not concern you at all, but I figured some people would like to read about it…


They can whine and throw as big a hissy fit as possible, but I can’t see this being successful


Yeah, I’m hoping it doesn’t happen because I’ll lose my opportunity to see an A350

Al Baker doesn’t seem like the type to back down. He’ll send in his A350-900 no doubt; for how long, who knows.

I wouldn’t imagine the average business traveler turning down a fresh aircraft with some of the highest rated service and quality in the industry because of poor treatment of workers. I just can’t see that happening. QR will get some loads, they won’t be flying empty planes. Maybe econ may be affected but the really $ in this route is in the premium classes so it shouldn’t faze Al Baker much.

Oooooh. A350’s
(In the background) Mom! Can we go visit boston??

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QR, SQ, DL, UA, AA. and JJ all have big plans for thr A350 in the USA, it’s not just BOS.

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I know that, I’m just concerned with the inaugural service to Boston since I live there.

Why wouldn’t you want the people of Boston to boycott for unfair treatment of workers? Is it really worth it to see an a350? The 3 largest airlines will be flying them, so your more likely to see it than not.

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Boston has been receiving many new international routes with new international airlines. As far as I know Qatar Airways is the only airline that will be using the A350. It could be another year or two until regularly scheduled aircraft to Boston use A350s, so I do believe that it is worth it to see an A350

Would you rather wait a year or two, or know that the people are working for the beauty are treated unfairly?
(Using beauty loosely)


QR is not the type to be defeated by a lobbyist group calling for a boycott, it’s almost laughable that they even try to pull something like this when they don’t realize that the majority of QR’s clientele does not care about those things. Some of the clientele might even agree with some of their policies. AWARE is simply wasting their time.

To be perfectly clear, I have a personal boycott list of airlines, QR is on it for not their owner’s actions, but how they treat their staff. I don’t agree with their non-transparent workplace policies that repress the rights of their staff and I vote with my feet.

I don’t like when people are mistreated, so I guess I would have to wait a year or two

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