Boxing Day Spotting @ CYYZ | Featuring Hainan Red Kung Fu Panda | All Heavies

Hello fellow IFC members! As the year draws to a close, I paid Pearson one last visit. Just as a tip, if you’re going to go spot at Pearson and you don’t care about the shopping, Boxing Day is a pretty good day to go. The roads are deserted as long as you don’t take any exits near major malls. 401 is especially empty. Anyways, let’s get on with the photos (Click for full resolution)

Equipment: D7500 w/ AF-P 70-300mm

Disclaimer: Yes, I did put a watermark on it. I know my photos aren’t good enough for a watermark but I thought it looked cool ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Photo One: Hainan B789 (B-6998)

Photo Two: Hainan B789 (B-6998 | Different Style)

Photo Three: KLM B744 (PH-BFY)

Photo Four: Air Canada Rouge B763 (C-FIYE)

Photo Five: WestJet B763 (C-FOGJ)

Photo Six: Aer Lingus A332 (EI-EWR)

Photo Seven: Air Canada B77W (C-FIVQ | Old Livery)

Photo Eight: China Southern B77W (B-7185)

Photo Nine: Air Canada A333 (C-GHLM | Star Alliance)

Photo Ten: Air Canada B77L (C-FNND | New Livery)

And since everyone’s doing it:

Your favorite photo?

  • Photo One (Hainan B789 Full Aircraft)
  • Photo Two (Hainan B789 Nose Crop)
  • Photo Three (KLM B744)
  • Photo Four (Rouge B763)
  • Photo Five (WestJet B763)
  • Photo Six (Aer Lingus A332)
  • Photo Seven (Air Canada B77W Old Livery)
  • Photo Eight (China Southern B77W)
  • Photo Nine (Air Canada A333 Star Alliance)
  • Photo Ten (Air Canada B77L New Livery)

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Great shots! Too bad YYZ Is always so cloudy and rainy during the winter.


Yeah that’s for sure. I’ve still yet to go on a day with even a hint of sun :(

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@AndrewWu Nice photos! Wish Adelaide had a better variety of international flights because then I might actually go out spotting…

Nice shots! I need to head up to YYZ sometime!

The Queen looking beautiful as always 😉. Nice shots overall! @AndrewWu

@macharyone Thank you! You guys get multiple A350s, just head out and catch those!

@Cbro4 Thanks! I need to go to CVG 😂

@Lucas_Piedra 747s are always looking sharp. Thank you!


Stunning as always🤩 The Star Alliance 333 in particular was amazing, flew that exact aircraft to Geneva this last April.

Thank you! And you’re lucky! there’s only one of the Star A333s

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Great Photos Andrew. That KLM is beautiful 😍

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Man I wish my local airport London Luton had a bit more variety… stuck with easyJet and wizzair!

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All Pictures Very Beautifully Taken. I Love Them All. The Hainan “Kung Fu Panda” 787, Is A Beauty Of Its Own. But I Also Liked The China Southern 777 ❤😍

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Thanks man! KLM’s always great to see. One of two queens that come here regularly :)

I mean you have Heathrow just a ways away, the variety there is absolutely insane

Thank you! I used to not be a fan of the Kung Fu Panda liveries but after seeing this one in person it’s definitely grown on me!

Also first time catching China Southern with a camera. She’s a beaut


Spectacular! Love to see your pics, keep it up!

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Thank you! Yours are fantastic as well

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Wow that red is gorgeous! Great photo and great livery!


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It’s a great looking plane for sure. And thank you!

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These photos look very good

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