Boxes Surrounding Time Selections

I encountered this when playing around a little with the UI. I figured out how to create boxes surrounding the different times in the time selection menu. I can’t explain it well with words, but I have produced a video demonstrating how to reproduce the issue.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Select all four menu options with a finger on each of them. (Watch video for demonstration.)
  3. Press “OK” in all of the menus until you get to the time selection menu.
  4. See the boxes around the different times.

Additional Info
iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2
iOS 9.2
IF Version


Interesting bug

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How do you do this?

Watch the video.

Look at the video.

Beat me to it!

How on earth did you find this?

Pure skill. ;)


In spite of watching the video, I wasn´t able to notice the bug you´re saying.

Do you notice the grey boxes surrounding the time selections? They are never there if you go check in the time selection menu right now.

First image?

Yes sir, also shown in the video.

I´ve never had though you could make the boxes change colours from white to grey after pressing all four buttons.

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And then the game starts lagging to the point of becoming unplayable.

I don’t think this should be fixed ;)

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No no, what I mean is how do you find so many bugs? Do you go through everything you can think of?

Play around with Infinite Flight! Try anything you can think of.

This is helpful you can adjust all the settings at once without having to click back and forth

I think this will save me time.