Bowling Shoe into Yellowstone

I haven’t visit Phoenix for awhile until FNF with it and did a flight into Yellowstone which is into Bozeman around Montana which had the Rocky Mountains so I would recommend you to visit


Airbus A319-100

Departing out of Phoenix early morning

Climbing slowly into FL380 then step climbed into FL400 Later

Flying by Utah and Nevada seeing the mountains and seeing towns above

We got out of cruise and going down for approach of Bozeman punching through little fog

Here we go cleared to land

Landing with a Mexican airliner from Salt lake (REALISM POLICE INCOMING)

Also it’s also a northwest airlines tribute since the bowling shoe livery looked nice


Nice photos! I haven’t seen a Northwest #screenshots-and-videos topic in a long time!


Yea mostly defunct airlines don’t get much attention in here since people mostly shoes todays airlines

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Why does everyone that’s flying to Montana in IF always fly to BZN? Just because it’s the largest doesn’t mean it’s the best. Montana has lots of hidden treasures, you should try flying around MSO or GPI, you will be surprised.

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I’ve flown into Billings before (like twice Bozeman is like my first time :/) but I could try more Montana even though I flown pass it when I was step climbing (and maybe northwest of The United States since i havent visit here that much)

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Great photos


Thanks mate

These shots are awesome

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Glad you liked them :D

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Awesome shots! I just recently returned from my trip in Yellowstone and Bozeman is where I stayed. What a coincidence lmao

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Cool, Hope you had fun

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