Bournemouth Flyout! @EGHH 291600ZAPR20

Attendees: 16

0 commercial gates left
1 General Aviation hangars left, more by request
11 Red Arrows aprons left

A little trip around the UK

So in this series (I like my events based around certain themes, ok?), I’m going around my home nation, and finding some of the airports and are smaller and/or lesser used. I hope we can get a little group to these events, so we can have some great shots of these little works of arts!

Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport, is an airport located 2.5nm north-northeast of Bournemouth, in Southern England. The site opened as RAF Hurn in 1941 but was transferred to civil control in 1944. For a short period Hurn served as Britain’s only international airport, until the opening of facilities at Heathrow. Commercial services resumed in the late 1950’s, with Palmair commencing flights to Palma Majorca in October 1958. The current primary users of the airport is Ryanair and TUI.


So, what’s the famous stuff about this airport?

Famous stuff here

So, what was the airport like?

This. Hurn Airport.

What did it look like earlier this year?

Colourful. It migrated to a single runway, and to the mercy of Ryanair.


What does it look like now?

Full, and sad.

Any famous things?

It had the Concorde on the ground on the 21st April, 1996 as a national tour to show the pride of how successful the aircraft was. I think it was sad, it only had 1 issue in hundreds of thousands of hours in service, and it was grounded full stop.


Server: Expert

Airport: EGHH

Time: 2020-04-29T16:00:00Z

This is on a Wednesday for Europe/Africa/America times zones.

Universal time*

Airport information will be given by me shortly before the event. You will be tagged a day before the event, and 1 hour before, as well as be added to a PM a few days before. Many photos will be taken after the event, so please maintain best realism, and do your best to follow the gates already assigned. If you want a real flight that isnt in the list, I’d be happy to change it over to suit you!


Since this is a small airport, this event will be off a strict ‘first come first served’ airport. These are the gates, they can be changed by request, but there will not be any more added, and you will be denied if there is no space left. My other events will have larger airports soon!

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
01 737-800 Ryanair Krakow EPKK 2:05 @Finn-14
02 737-800 Ryanair Dublin EIDW 0:55 @Elliott
03 A320 EasyJet Geneva LSGG 1:15 @Infinite_Qantas
04 737-800 Ryanair Malaga LEMG 2:15 @CPTWilliam
05 737-800 Ryanair Tenerife South GCTS 3:50 @Joseph.Barnett
06 737-800 Ryanair Prague LKPR 1:40 @Fish
07 737-800 Ryanair Malta LMML N/A @Lucas_Piedra
08 737-800 TUI Corfu LGKR 3:15 @Tsumia
09 737-800 TUI Tenerife South GCTS 3:50 @ILOVE7879-2.0
10 737-800 Ryanair Murcia LEMI 2:20 @Zak_Plant
11 737-800 Ryanair Pafos LCPH 4:15 @Ecoops123
General Aviation
Gate Aircraft Livery Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
GA G01 Citation N/A Isle of Man EGNS N/A @JayIOM
GA G02 TBM-930 N/A Lundy Island EG69 N/A @Cpt.TC
GA G03 TBM-930 N/A Chichester EGHR N/A @Bradgibbs01
GA M01 Citation N/A Frankfurt EDDF N/A @ToasterStroodie
GA M03

More gates can be added by request.

Red Arrows

Please Read

Part of the Red Arrows base is at Bournemouth. I have assigned gates for F16’s and F-18’s to take their place. This is the Expert Server. Please respect the rules. This could be enforced by ghosting, and any trolling will be immediately reported to a moderator. By signing up to one of these gates you agree to following the rules below, and maintaining a safe distance, speed and manor whilst in the airspace.

Local flying is not allowed. You are allowed to leave this airspace, have your fun or professional flying above 10,000ft far from traffic, and definately London, before returning back.

Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

FRA Aprons:

Gate Aircraft Destination ICAO Attendee
01 F-16
02 F-16
03 F-16
04 F-16
05 F-16
06 F-18
07 F-18
08 F-18
09 F-18
10 F-18
11 F-18
RAF Activity

@VR-206sqn-RAF will be flying in and out with a C-130J.

Further information is here:

Bournemouth Flyout! @EGHH 291600ZAPR20

See you there!

PM me for any VA/VO partnerships. Have to be IFVARB approved.

I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may receive. Especially in fighters.


Do you mind switching out the Faro flight to Malta (LMML)? Thanks in advance!

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I’ll take the lonely EasyJet gate

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@Lucas_Piedra sure! I’ll just gather the info shortly.

@Infinite_Qantas I’ve signed you up! 🙂

You can do something with the British Airways storage here
They are storing many planes at Bournemouth

@AviatorNikola I did think of it but I actually made this event a few months ago and just recently edited the last few bits in that were not gate related. :)

I shall finally get to fly to Tenerife

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Any chance you could switch out a gate for Corfu with TUI? Thanks! Flight time is 3:15 just to avoid the hassle.

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You shall! I’ve been to Tenerife irl.

@Tsumia sure! Thanks for signing up!

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Could I have gate 01. The Ryanair flight to Krakow ? 😀

Can I grab the Dublin flight please

@Finn-14 and @Elliott I’ve signed you up!


We as a Sqn, often visit EGHH for Currency Training , so we would like fly-in & out if possible with a C-130J?

VR-206 Sqn


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Since this airport is in RAF use, sure! I’ll put you down!

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FYI on further RAF use, the Reds, BBMF & Typhoon Display annually use the airport as a staging area for the Bournemouth International Airshow


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Gate 6 to Prague please


LAND: EGHH 1530Z (After 1000ft Run & Break)
PARK: FRA Apron 11
RTB: EGVN 1600Z +

VR-206 Sqn


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I’ve signed you up! 😊

edit : I’ll finally can’t come, sorry for that mistake. Enjoy

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Thank you :)