So far Ik that if you exit the designated perimeter for a region the throttle is cut off, but you can manually hold it at full power to proved thrust needed to power the aircraft, I was wondering if I held it for long enough will I reach another region?

@Micheal_Khanye. I have no idea, i think most know we can hold the power manually however i don’t have the patients to see what happens when you travel far out of the boundary. It would be worth a look however it would be highly unlikely that you would find another region.
Jake Brimble

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Fair enough

Yes you can make it to another region, but when you get to it, nothing will display for you. It’ll just show white. Users in the other region will see you though as a fully rendered aircraft.

Loads of users on IFFG are doing this atm.
I believe they use the pause function with AP to hold the throttle, and have a friend in the other region escort them to the airport and literally guide them in. I haven’t and don’t wish to try this myself though.

Ohh wow, that is actually quite cool, so how do u actually use the pause botton to hold the throttle cause I have to try this

before you get out of the start region, engage autopilot. Then press menu, so you go to the screen where recalibrate, weights is, and that is the pause basically.
The screen is dark, but you can see the plane still flying, this being because in live you can’t actually pause. The throttle doesn’t drop to zero though (i believe - haven’t tried it) until you resume/unpause the flight at which point you have to hold it.
You can track where you are in the new region using the tracker app.

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So you track yourself from say So. Cal to San Francisco, can you see the scenery in the SF region as you normally would so you can land?

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No, when you got to San Fran you wouldn’t see any scenery, hence requiring the escort from a pilot who spawned in San Fran who can see the san fran scenery.
You can land, but you can’t see where you are landing.
To others who spawned in San Fran, you appear fully rendered and functional.

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Yes this is because the game only loads the original region when chosen. I believe that eventually IF will enable region to region flights. Why else would they make Seattle,San Fran, southern cal?

I do believe that IF should have region to region flights, cause I can easy fly from England to Amsterdam very nicely and it’s nice to do so when I do but the fact I cant land my plane pains me because I can’t see anything, but I’d also love to fly from LHR to LAX so It’ll be great if they did

no i dont think so…i tried it once and eventually you will not be able to manually hold the thrust anymore…