Bound to runway 25 R, but where?

A few days ago, I enjoyed a nice flight somewhere over the US, but my memory is weak and I can’t remember which airport I landed at. I only have a few pictures from near my destination. The airline/ aircraft used might not fly there IRL.
No prize offered but thanks in advance. it was on expert and the airport got active atc that day.

Best of luck!


Nice photos! I love the filters

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Good pictures, if you’d like to find the airport, it should show up on the replay file on where you landed, and in your logbook too:)


Do you want us to guess? If so, you flew into LAS. The airport pictured is KLSV.

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You won, congrats! And thanks for watching.

I know, thanks, just pretending for the fun…

Thank you, used the ones fom my s8+.