Bouncing issue

I have a frequent issue with the crj as well as the a321 where once I get to cruise altitude, the aircraft nose continues to pitch up and down. I cannot maintain my altitude and continue to go about 200 ft above and below my set altitude. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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What speed you are traveling at?

The airbuses have been known to have this issue. You should take manual control and steady it. It’s most likely bc of the autopilot and turbulence. Make your vertical speed less great too. That should help.


  • Slow down you’re going to fast
  • Reduce weight
  • don’t climb so high till you loose weight.

Especially on the 321 is this not a known issue?

Yes it is. But he’s also talking about the new CRJ-700 which hasn’t been known to have many problems…yet.

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I was actually not traveling fast as all, in fact about 215 mph and I climbed at about 1800 ft with 45% weight so that’s why I’m confused?

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At what FL are you experiencing this bounce? 215 ias does not seem sufficient for cruise speed. (Even worse if you meant 215 ground speed)
Also, these last few aircrafts added have different physics than previous ones. You’ll definitely need to apply serious trim.
Also as Brandon S mentioned, plz check your weight as well.

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This should help you with all of the physics regarding the new CRJ-700. Follow the placard in the beginning of the video and you should be good.

Also take a look at this:
that link is for a real life CJ-700 but it should still work in infinite flight.

See you in the skies,

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In cruise, I’ve noticed that a 10-18% trim will give you an increase in performance. Consider trying this out. You may also want to try calibrating your controls. This can be done by simply selecting the menu button at the bottom right. And on the far left it will say “calibrate”. This will set the neutral point for which you are holding your device at that given moment.


@DeerCrusher would you mind taking a look at and confirm that it should work for IF?

Ok thank you for the suggestions. The flight I was doing was Denver to vail (only about 100 miles) which I why I was going slow and did not climb very high.

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Do you remember what your vertical speed was when you were climbing/bouncing?

I will just emphasize the numbers that Mark noted in the tutorial that was released this morning. Those numbers are derived from a real world CRJ captain who was kind enough to work with FDS and provide real world data.

If you fly the numbers that Mark provided in that tutorial, you should be doing just fine. Watch it a few times through, pause, play, google all sorts of documents, etc.


Will do. Thank you for the help