Finally, someone speaks a word of sense


You should definitely become an NTSB worker… I may have missed something but how did you conclude this was the result of a flat spin?

The question is, do you know what a flat spin is? He stated to have nose-dived until impact which is not compatible with a flat spin scenario.


Yeah I do. Thanks. I have my PPL in the states. Since you think your a hotshot, why dont you tell everyone what it is? Or better yet, tell me what causes a spin?

maybe since you were going 400 plus knots your airplane ricocheted off the grass and the force caused it too fall over in its back like that.

You do realize he’s a CPL, IR, ME right?

HAHA i love when PPL certificate holders act like they are the know alls of aviation. So many students like that in my aviation program.


and this is why i dont tell people. he didnt say anything about being a know it all. lol. what a shame. that theres people that make assumptions that everyone knows everything. cant everyone get along. honestly who cares what ratings you have. aviation is a learning experince and i constantly learn something new every day. i dont think he said he knows everything about aviation. goodness gracious. get along.

Sandstrom I really dont care. @Hayden_Mundell I really dont care. All I am saying is I watched several videos where planes have gotten into flight spins and nosed dive and crashed so yeah. I dont know why yall think yall are better than everyone.

Closing before anybody gets hurt.


It happens sometimes. Not a big deal or anything to be concerned with.