Ok, so I was just flying the A319 and nose-dived from 48,000ft
On impact I was at almost 900knts
When I hit the ground, the plane bounced and landed on its back
Can anyone tell me why this happened instead of ‘crashing’?
Thanks in advance


Thats going to happen. You exceed the maximum cruising altitude for the plane, stalled it, and put it into a flat spin.


😂😂😂😂😂😂that’s soooo funny!!!

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This happened to me once, where I should’ve crashed but bounced instead. Check out the video.


That happen to me once. And by the way I thought landing without the gear will cause the crash sign, well actually it has a ditching ability

And that was my plan, it didn’t stall however. As it began to slow I just went straight into the dive. I was just wondering why it bounced and layed on its back like a dead fish 😂😂

Once I landed hardly the 787-8, bounced and ended you like the A319 in the picture.

It did stall though…125 knots indicated at FL480 is not plausible at all. Trust me i know…

Wow! I love the way it just landed like a wet sock; duff and just settles😂😂

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I would’ve gotten the warning if it were stalling

Not if you have helper messages turned off

I don’t, it’s turned on

Ok then, pleas explain how you ended up like that? I’ll await your response.

Come again

Please tell me how YOU think your plane got like that

How could I even guess? I was waiting for it to just say crashed so I could replay and see what my max. speed was

Everyone can guess, but I am telling you the CORRECT answer on why that happened

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I think the question becomes who can’t pull out of a stall with 48,000 feet to do it.


People that don’t recognize one. He stalked it and put it into a flat skin by the looks of it


Thats not what he’s asking. He’s asking why the plane didn’t crash upon impact. Who cares whether he stalled or not