Boulton Paul "Defiant"



The Boulton Paul Defiant was a ww2 British Turret Fighter used to intercept enemy bomber squadrons. These aircraft did not however include forward facing machine guns, similar to the Blackburn Roc.

                                             **Engine Types**

      The MK. I was powered by a single 1,030 hp (768 kW) Rolls Royce Merlin III Piston Engine.

      The MK. II was used for night fighting and had a 1,250 hp (954 kW) Rolls Royce XX Piston Engine.

                                    **Why This Plane Should Be In The Game**

      Why do I feel this plane should be in the game? Well, I feel this plane would be a 

beauty in the skies, flying all across British land, and at a virtual airshow if this kind of event should be erected.
Even though these aircraft did very little during the second world war, I still feel these planes would make a great experience to those who love World War II aircraft, or other aviation enthusiasts looking to fly a unique type of aircraft from the past.

    This would be awesome if this plane gets added at some point in the future, since I feel we need more vintage classics such as this one.


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