Bought a subscription and my account wasnt linked

Hello, i bought a monthly subscription after a year of not playing, somewhy my original account wich is called mrlife000 and where I have a lot of progress made wasnt linked when I bought the subscription, so instead, the game automatically created a new player but without a name or something to get linked. This username is just reflected on the callsign im using “aeroflot 8356”.

When i started playing again 2 days ago and saw 0 score on my account I seen it as a very strange event, but started playing because I did not joined for over a year because I tought maybe they did something that all people started from zero after somr update. And now I relised that my account was not linked and I just linked it now, and there is no PRO subscription on it, only in this new account that the game created automatically even if my playstore and subscrition is on the same account it was a year ago where I played as mrlife000 with my email (removed)

Please I would like to get the PRO subscription on my original account mrlife000 or get a refund to buy it on this account. In the end I want to use my account “mrlife000” and play on it because is where I have all the score made, and access to the expert server.

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Send an email to to swap the accounts and get the subscription to where its supposed to be, schyllberg will sort it out in no time ;)


I did write an email, and also write a message to this guy you told me, but he wont reply to me.

Please be patient. Someone will be with you shortly.

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All of that occurred within 3-4 hrs. Some times a bit more advanced requires more time than that ;)

My stats on mrlife000 (my original account now show 0 on all) and I had score, because i had linked it like 5 hours ago, and saw my score, now its gone, and my subscription isnt also there, so all my accounts is now screwed up, please im lurking for help.

No. As I told you via email;

Restart the app and sign back into your account. The stats and the subscription is there.

Yes I seen it now, thanks you.

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