Bottom Part of Device Heating

Not sure if this is a recent thing, but for some reason whenever I am flying with even brightness down and the device plugged into the charger, the area where the plug connects to the phone gets really hot especially the screen while the rest of the device is cool.

Device: iPhone 11

Notes: This does occur with the graphics down as well sometimes especially on long haul. Currently graphics are on high, anti-aliasing off, limit frames on, Auto LPM on.

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I’m pretty sure that just the charger doing it’s thing, sometimes while playing infinite flight your device gets pretty hot! You can also sometimes see the middle back of the device heating up and that’s the CPU in action, that would mean your graphics are turned to high up!

In your case it’s perfectly fine, I would try for one time, to not charge your device while playing infinite flight and see if the device heats up in the same location

Alright. On long haul flights I usually do, it still heats up sometimes while plugged in at certain times even when I set graphics on low. Usually if it’s overnight it the device will be cool but during the day it heats a lot.

take a look at this and see if it helps :) How do I keep my device from over heating while flying long hauls?

Does it help if I keep the phone unplugged while Infinite Flight is running or no? And also if that’s the case, does Infinite Flight consume a lot of battery even with brightness down etc?

I would try it for a really short flight to see what the device heat is like but I wouldn’t do a long flight because it would drain you battery quick!

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To be honest I do all that on all my long haul flights. Usually whenever I have long hauls during the day even with brightness, volume, graphics on low, the device will still heat up but on overnight flights it never does that.

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probably has to do with the device and charger then

This is just common with devices. When you’re running any application for a long period of time, it’s bound to heat up. Some tips to keep your device from extremely overheating is tho set your graphics to low, keep it on the charger, also to prevent screen burn you should turn on the scenic camera.

I know about the brightness and things but the scenic camera one sounds great. I may do that sometime to see how that does.

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