Bottom Cam Issues

Device: iPhone 14
Operating system: 17.3 Dev beta
Infinite Flight Version: 23.3.3 (6281)

While using the bottom cam, the pavement disappears, as seen below.


I think it takes some time to load, give it a min or 2 and you should see the scenery load.

It’s been a while and it still doesn’t load… I taxied the whole way and it still didn’t

This happens sometimes, I just restart the replay or pause the replay and wait some time it generally comes. Can you try and check?

Ok, thanks! I tried it but found another problem. So when it’s a default position, it doesn’t load, but when it moves like a slight, the scenery loads.

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Yeah sometimes need to tweak a bit. Glad you found the solution for it!

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Yes, I’ve noticed this too, on the nose wheel camera. I use the nose wheel camera (on airplanes that have it) to execute perfect taxiway alignment, and sometimes the airport won’t load when using it. Additionally, when I tilt the camera (doesn’t matter how much) it immediately loads.

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I think that has to do with an elevation issue.
It’s as if the camera can look underneath the tarmac.
When you put FREE CAM on the ground, it sometimes also happens.
It doesn’t happen at every airport, does it?

most airports, but this was at ATL.

I checked a few things.
It’s a known (elevation) issue that impacts a couple of cameras/views, including (BOTTOM and FREE).
It will probably be addressed in the future when the new graphics engine, with all the possibilities it will bring, gets released.