I was just wandering around here and … are these users bots or hackers of any sort? Look at their stats.

I seen those before. I can not really tell.

@111 @1111 @1112 @1113 @1114 @1115 are the confusing characters in question. @111 @1111 @1112 @1113 @1114 @1115, tell us who you really are. 1111’s name translates to Yemen Mohammed al-Haj. 1112’s is Ahmed Fathi.
1113’s name is Mohammed Alamiri. 1111-1113 are Arabs, by their language and name. 1114’s name is Kwon Jae from Korean. 1115’s name is something untranslatable in Chinese. 111’s name is Bakjaegwan which was from Korean.
@111 @1111 @1112 @1113 @1114 @1115, is this right?

Wow that is kida strange

As far as I can tell, these are real people (they have confirmed their accounts).

The usernames are generated by Discourse because it cannot handle non-latin characters in usernames (i.e. usernames cannot be in Arabic, Korean, etc… - the forum just generates a number and assigns that as their username).

As always: if at any point you see any spamming, etc. from any user, please flag the post for a moderator to look at and deal with.

Thank you! :)


Sure, I will

Sorry for being Harsh on you :(

You weren’t being harsh in the slightest :)

I meant being harsh on the people ;)

ah well, honest mistake, nothing to be sorry about ;)

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